URBAN WAVE Metro Station 20 Competition Entry,Sofia 2012

URBAN WAVE Metro Station 20 Competition Entry,Sofia 2012
Team: Irgen Salianji, Charis Siaravas, Christos Bletsas

The design of an expanded fluid surface suggests a vital connection of the metro station with the public space above it. The ground, treated like an urban wave, gives the pulse of the social activities taking place on the two main squares located in front of the two principal entrances of the subway. This dynamic architectural gesture aspires to generate multiple spatial experiences, a chance for alternative living of the open space. 

The methodology we handle the urban scale is thus reconsidering the importance of the public space, introducing a sustainable architectural practice that promotes and elevates it. In this way, the metro station and its public space become the context and the base point for the redesign of the surrounding urban area. 

The metro station consists of the platform level and the one above it, which is designed in such a way so it can host also major artistic activities. The daylight penetrates in both two underground levels through the wide skylight placed in the centre of the structure. The special grid blinds that cover the skylight’s and gate’s surfaces create an interesting game of light and shade inside the whole internal space. Full accessibility into the station is given by stairs, ramps and elevators.

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