Oslo, the City of the Captive Globe

FutureBuilt ten-year program to promote sustainable construction and the overall intensi cation of architectural production in Oslo during the last decade suggest a larger future transformation of the urban economy and the form of the city itself. As urban population has been surpassing the rural in a
global scale, advanced western cities such as Oslo are challenged to rethink their future not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of social inclusion, political participation and urban evolution.

The deeper point of sustainability needs to expand beyond the physical search for less greenhouse gas emissions and engage the urban dwellers into a collective discussion about the urbanity within which we want to perform our existence. We propose a playful interactive application that represents in a comprehensive and simplistic way the importance of architectural representation in imagining the future of our cities. Urban dwellers can use the application to learn about the theory and principles of contemporary architecture, by composing buildings and typologies that produce a sustainable and orgasmic urban environment, namely the city of the captive globe, Oslo.

FutureBuilt ten-years program for sustainable construction could expand beyond the limits of individual architectural pilot projects, so that it could essentially include the whole metropolitan and
regional area of Greater Oslo.

THE GREEN RING proposes a 100 years vision for the future sustainable development of Oslo, Drammen, Bærum and Asker, as well as the peri-urban and countryside areas in between that may be
subject to urbanization in the long-term future.

THE GREEN RING has a diameter of 50 kilometers and could perform as a continuous green park that could connect all FutureBuilt pilot projects (current and future) and the urban areas that will emerge in between, thus at the same time de ning the limits of urbanization and sustaining urban growth. Since sustainability is an abstract notion that involves citizens’ engagement and daily practice, FutureBuilt mission could only be successfull if it would produce a wider urban vision with which all urban dwellers in the wider metropolitan area of Oslo could identify themselves with.

THE GREEN RING is on the one hand a futuristic super-project that would span 100 years of sustainable urban production, but on the other hand it could serve as an instrument to stimulate
citizens’curiosity and mobilize their direct engagement with the environmental and urban issues of their own city.


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