PanAmerican Games Awards Pavilion Competition Entry, Toronto 2010

AIAS/Vinyl Pan Am Games Awards Pavilion Competition Participation
Making a number of experimental sketches we find ourselves lost in the utopia of verticality and horizontality. Evolving the relationship between the elements we try to create fine spaces, to shape initially a stage with 2 ‘faces’, which could even inspire new kinds of artistic performances. In this way the horizontal large elements follow each other in different heights and meet the vertical walls, which define the limits. Four basic cubic forms are then resulted from the liberated floor plan, which aspires simplicity, functionality and flexibility. The forms are joined in an unusual but quite organized way, and lifted above the ground in order to hover around the landscape, creating a friendly relationship with it. The basic design elements are therefore the wall, the glass (light) and the nature. Or the ‘rolling’ wall, the stage and the audience. Or better the athlete, the competition and the goal. In this way, one could point that the harmony is achieved through the dynamism of the independent surfaces competing with the sunlight and the nature in such an architectural race, just like an Olympic game, transmitting the virtues of fair play and competition.

The stage is two‐faced, flexible and easily transformable, so it can host different kinds of performances, even motivate new forms of directing a spectacle. The key element is the vertical wall in the south side of the stage, which functions also as a large video wall. This wall is supported from a mechanism that makes it roll till the centre of the stage, thus transforming it to conventional scene with one face for smaller events such as concerts and theatrical acts. In the occasion of the Pan‐American opening and closing ceremony the stage could function as a full two‐sided grand scene, permitting to a large sitting and standing audience to watch the event. Consequently the design of the stage aspires a pioneering spectacle in terms of artistic concept.

The White Pavilion is a lightweight steel structure being designed in terms of standardization, thus easy to be constructed, deconstructed, transferred or recycled. The massive application of Vinyl eco‐friendly and recycled materials makes it a sustainable and sensible structure that celebrates innovation through simple compositional gestures. The dominating white and light gray colors of the cladding Vinyl materials provide the needed abstraction to focus on the importance of the spectacles hosted, not to the building itself. The construction challenge is enhanced by the large opening of the stage’s roof, which rests on the south side on the vertical rolling wall, consequently needing the creation of a special technological system to support it.


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