OSSA '17 - The Great Beauty

Tutors: Architects for Urbanity (Karolina Szóstkiewicz, Irgen Salianji)

Participants: Gabriela Bratkowska, Karolina Krzyżanowska, Marcin Osak, Natalia Pośnik, Martyna Słowińska, Alicja Szyszkowska, Aleksandra Wróbel,

Attendant: Michał Czeszejko

AfU tutored one of the student teams of OSSA workshop in Poland last October. Under the topic of the Great Beauty, the students researched the notions of beauty and ugliness in art, fashion, architecture and politics and came up with a series of counter statements, research material, models and a final performance that provoke and extend our understanding of the Great Beauty in the contemporary society!

From the students:
Our work started with a search of the definition of beauty itself. It turned out that understanding it as an opposition of ugly is the most straightforward way. Yet swiftly we moved towards examples which connect those two contrary aspects. It is the juxtaposition, contrast and controversy in which we find the greatest value of beauty – its idea. We started to consider its materiality – can we express it, share it with others? Our fundamental belief was that human being is a generator of beauty. 

The beauty is perceived with emotions, and emotions are induced by adequate stimuli. What then stimulates us to perceive beauty? We pinpointed seven notions – timelessness, unknown, absolute, harmony, uniqueness, idea, ambiguity and co-existence – which we respectively elaborated on paper, in space and time. 

Our statements were summarized with live art in which human body is an ultimate tool to explore beauty.